Tuesday, 30 January 2007

In what kuckuckfairyland is this Mr Bryant living in?

In what kuckuckfairyland is this Mr Bryant living in? It is demeaning to ignore reality and pretend. It reminds of of a trip to Charleston SC several years ago, and a visit to the "Slave Market". I was told by a friend that slaves weren't sold there, but sold their handicrafts and art work there. Be real!

As administered, lethal injection has a strong potential for causing severe pain. Accept that. As practiced, lethal injection masks the pain by a general paralysis-- or at least is supposed to. In the case of Mr Diaz, the pancuronium didn't work completely. We know that Kalium Chloride (KCl) can cause severe pain in contact with tissues; that is also a given. With Mr Diaz, he had severe burns in both arms. The burns cause pain. I rest my case.

Forget about the overwhelming evidence, and take the word of someone with a vested interest in keeping lethal injection as a way of state sanctioned murder...And cigarette smoke does not cause cancer. We know that because the cigarette executives-- who do not smoke themselves-- said so. And the Earth is flat...

G M Larkin MD


Anonymous said...

As a resident of the UK I can't understand when I see that a person has been executed by lethal injection,mainly in Texas I believe,that the execution involves a cocktail of three chemicals.Earier in this year I saw on our news that we had sent the chemical that is used by animal vets to put pets to sleep.
Does this have to be administered as a cocktail as when the last time I had to have a pet whippet put down because of age and to stop further misery in her life,when the drug was injected my wife who had her hand on her pets hearts ,said that the dogs heart stopped almost as soon as the injection was made.
Is there someone in the judicial sytem who has devised a cocktail of drugs to cause convicted persons to recieve a lot of pain to pay for what they have done.
Horses are put down with one drug unless a captive bolt to the forhead is used.
I am for execution for convicts if it can be proven that they are innocent as in the UK the police have with held evidence that had been given to them by the accused because it might sway the verdict.
The most famous as far as I'm concerned was the murders at 10 rillingtin place,london,when an occupent of a flat was found guilty of the murder of his wife and baby,even though he had given a pawnbrokers ticket proving that he was in Wales at the time of the murders.He hanged and it was only sometime after when the landlord had moved and the new owner found womens bodies under floor boards and in a covered up closet in the kitchen.The previous owner was traced and it was found out that not only had he killed the mother and baby,but other women including his wife who had given evidence as to her husbands innocence.
I rest my case.

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