Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Compelling evidence that points to Larry Swearingen's innocence,

There is strong, no compelling evidence that points to Larry Swearingen's innocence, some of which ignored by the courts from the get-go. Most significant is a false presumption of correctness by a now discredited medical examiner who concluded a post mortem interval of 25 days -- convenient for the prosecutor. Both entomological and medical findings refute this presumption,as well as the aggravate rape charge; the prosecutor did not take any material for slides, and the picture she took to document rape were refuted by three independent forensic pathologists.

I have been on this case for close to four years , and am convinced of Swearingen's absolute innocence. If Texas executes Swearingen, it would be cold blooded malicious premeditated murder (of someone who is demonstrably innocent). More details on demand.

Forensic Pathologist

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