Saturday, 5 July 2008


"The death penalty is about revenge and hate, and revenge and hate is why my daughter and those 167 other people are dead today."

Bud Welch, father of Julie Marie Welch,
victim in the Oklahoma City bombing

"I have come to believe that the death penalty is not what will help me heal. Responding to one killing with another killing does not honor my daughter, nor does it help create the kind of society I want to live in, where human life and human rights are valued. I know that an execution creates another grieving family, and causing pain to another family does not lessen my own pain."

MVFHR board member, Vicki Schieber, testifying to the Subcommittee on the Constitution,
Civil Rights and Property Rights; Committee on the Judiciary; US Senate, February 2006

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Anonymous said...

To all who love to watch a human put to death --

How much Ritalin did the boy (Mark Dean Schwabe) get forced into, at a young age in school? Or, how many drugs did the boy take to stop his "hyperactivity" in GRADE SCHOOL!?

And then the next question to ask the attorney STUDSTILL - why do people like Condi Rice think about BIOWEAPONS, when the Cambodians think that the "Resurrection" syndrome they've just discovered is a life gift.

Condi rushed the UN bioweapons secret police to Cambodia to act as if their discovery of the "Resurrection" occurring was a US top secret discovery.

Hmmm, maybe the QUESTION IS:


Has the US secret police, also been involved in, creating such weapons of mass destruction - CHILD KILLERS, like the poor wretch SCHWAB, whose life may very well have already been lost, in grade school?

It is a question we need to ask since there have been far too many young humans indiscriminately killing and so far, the drug trace is grade school for ADD and ADHD and so on.

Look at every MASS KILLING and other CHILD MURDER. Should a young human be involved ... 9 times out of 10 and I'd bet 10 out of 10 -- were those poor children whose brains were used as experiments beginning in 1974, from all the wonderful CORPORATIONS (many who wrote the WMD papers).

Think about it for just a few minutes.