Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Honorable Governor Riley

Honorable Governor Riley:

This letter comes to you in the hopes that you truly listen to what the people [you represent] have to say. I write to you today concerning the life of Mr. Thomas Arthur, so please do not dismiss me, until you have read the (entire) letter I have taken the time to write, as that is the least of which you should grant.

It is true, that Mr. Arthur might be far from the 'model' citizen and this was not his first charge of murder. However, Mr. Arthur is entitled, as are we all, to equal protection in the eyes of the law - regardless of what our personal feelings might be. And, Mr. Arthur is facing execution for the conviction of Mr. Troy Wicker, nobody else.

It would stand to reason any and all evidence, most especially, in a Capital Murder case would be utilized and scrutinized with the best that technology and science have to offer. At least, if it's the truth and justice that we seek. Only a biased mind would close itself, deny use of available evidence, thus running the risk of executing someone for a crime they did not commit - reasoning that they committed another murder in the past, therefore it's just(ice) even if they didn't commit the crime they are now facing.

Justice is defined as: Impartial, equal protection and administration of the law; Honesty with integrity and a fair representation of all the facts. And, it is in that 'fair representation of ALL the facts' that comes to issue in this matter. But, we must remember, it is the murder of Mr. Troy Wicker that is at issue.

You have [and hold] the power, ability, and the opportunity to ensure ALL the facts are examined and scrutinized by granting DNA testing in the case of Mr. Arthur, thus laying to rest any doubts that might still linger. Only when we remove all doubt of innocence can we truly know the matter of guilt.

WE ARE ALL comprised of our 'collective' pasts. It is how we choose to learn from that past that molds our futures. One day in the future, that DNA WILL BE TESTED. (Unless of course it were to be destroyed, which would only cement the doubt of guilt in this case.)

With the numbers in excess of six hundred (600) exonerations to date, 120+ on death row, it is more than reasonable to pursue the DNA testing of available evidence, leaving no stone unturned, so to speak. The POINT now becomes, will you be that person? Are you willing to carry the weight of denial? Are you willing to risk the taking of another's life for a crime that the future might prove, they were NOT guilty of committing?

Only a person, who has already made up their mind on the issue of guilt or innocence, would deny evidence before them that could only speak the truth. There is no justice in that! Denying DNA testing would be a grave error in any case, as it perpetuates speculation to guilt or innocence and could lead to irreversible mistakes. Repeated mistakes become bad habits - setting patterns in future for bad judgment.

"An error becomes an irreversible mistake when we refuse to fix it." We must ALL live with the decisions we make, and no man/woman should be defined by a single moment in life, yet it seems in this life, we are all defined by our worst moment. Will this be the moment that defines your life Governor Riley? Only you have the power to decide the answer to that question.

I implore you to grant DNA testing in the case of Mr. Thomas Arthur, and finally lay to rest any and all doubts to his guilt or innocence. Closure will never be attained in this case without the DNA testing of all the evidence.


O'Della Wilson
Alabama Christian Tax Payer

Blessed is the man who perseveres under trial, because when he has stood the test, he will receive the crown of life that God has promised to those who love Him. [James 1:12]

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