Monday, 28 July 2008

To Governor Riley from Mario in Italy

Kind Mr Governor,

I am italian and catholic. I am sorry if my english it is bad.

I write at His Person for Mr Thomas Arthur, inmate of the Alabama State. Kind I ask of to stop his execution and to grant to him the possibility to show his innocence through the Dna test.

Kind Governor, I don't know His religious faith, nevertheless I believe with the heart in the God of the Christian Cross, that Jesus Christ that Him has voluntarily accepted from innocent to offer His Blood to save all in front of our Father in the Skies.

Dear Governor, in the name of Christ King, of all the Most Holy Divine Trinity, humbly I implore He Mister Governor to use the power that God has entrusted to His Person for to administer in earth the Divine Wish, express in the Commandment: "not to kill", Commandment submitted to Mosè on the Sinai mountain, Commandment that doesn't admit exclusions.

Kind Governor, I pray, I hope that at the end you will choose in the correct way with the heart and the mind you turn to that man killed in Cross 2000 years ago, Jesus that just before to die churches to the Celestial Father: " Father, I pray you it forgives them because they don't know what they do."

I apologize me for the time that I have probably subtracted to He, Mister Governor, but me I felt in the heart as a duty to turn to His Person these simple words.

Thanks of His attention

Mr Mario De Plano

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