Tuesday, 15 July 2008

Innocence Matters-----March to Save Troy Davis!

Innocence Matters-----March to Save Troy Davis!

Troy Davis was sent to death row in 1991 for the shooting of a white
police officer in Savannah, Georgia, but serious questions about his guilt
have surfaced. He came within 23 hours of execution in July, 2007, and a
new date is likely to be set soon.

7of 9 Eyewitnesses Recanted (Say their testimony was coerced by Police)

No Physical Evidence/ No Weapon

Evidence Never Heard By Jury (Anti-terrorism & Effective Death Penalty
Act 1996)

New Witnesses have Implicated other Suspect

Ga. Supreme Court Ruled 4 to 3 that Recanted Testimony is not as strong
as Original Trial Testimony.

Please join Amnesty International along with various celebrities,
musicians, civil and political leaders, and other concerned citizens to
support Troy and demand that the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles
prevent the execution of a man with a strong innocence case!

(source: Amnesty International)

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