Monday, 14 July 2008

Letter to Governor Riley - DNA testing

Exonerated by DNA

As an Alabamian, I often found myself (in past), having to defend

myself against other U.S. Citizens. But now that the world has

been given a glimpse of Alabama Politics, I feel the stigma

against the world and it's not a pretty sight. Governor, I'm not

sure about you, but I want the world to know our great state for

something other than - 'back woods, bubba type attitudes.'

You recently told David Person, "Too often, especially when it

takes 20, 25 years for one of these sentences to be carried out,

to ask for the DNA only in the last hour, when it could have s

ome ramifications, I don't think that's fair to the system (or)

the family." Barring what's not fair to an unfair system, as that

offends my sensibilities and intelligence, I feel I must speak up

at this point!

Governor Riley, what is not fair to all of the families involved, is

not using scientific technology readily available that would remove

any doubts - If it truly is about justice! While I personally do not

believe there is any justice in the lust for spilling additional blood

(two wrongs do not make a right), the law currently allows this

practice to continue; so, at the very least, we must ensure every

measure be taken to assure we are executing the actual perpetrators.

For every wrongful conviction, there remains a true perpetrator

among society to offend again, and again.

To ignore the facts does not make them go away, it just makes

us look more like the 'back woods bubba' type, others view us to

be - cementing their ideas about our State and the Citizens within

its borders. If we are to prosper and advance with the rest of society,

we must discard the old ways, which have proven to be fallible and

inaccurate, and make use of readily available advancements science

has to offer.

While I would love to believe the Governor of Alabama possesses

more knowledge and sensibility than the average citizen, you take

those qualities out of the equation when you refuse to acknowledge

the facts and the citizens of our state. When 96% (ninety-six percent)

of the citizens polled in Alabama believe DNA testing should be used

to prove guilt or innocence, I am left to wonder if you do indeed possess

any sensibilities, when you so readily disregard what the people


Governor Riley, you represent the people of Alabama. We are

not your

naive children to be hushed and sat in the naughty seat. Your job

is not

Political Posturing - you are only the voice of the people and it's

about time

OUR voices are heard. With recent International interests and

the great

investigative journalists willing to publish the facts, we are well

on our way.

What remains now? A decision. A decision of Adversary or


A person is either part of the solution or they become a part

of the problem.

It's time to make a decision Governor Riley, the people of

Alabama are waiting.


Alabama Tax Payer

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