Monday, 28 July 2008

Mo. Supreme Court to set execution date

July 26

MISSOURI---new execution date

Mo. Supreme Court to set execution date

The Missouri Supreme Court said Friday it plans to set a date for the
state's 1st execution since 2005.

The court announced it would issue a warrant to execute Dennis Skillicorn
on Aug. 27. Skillicorn was convicted of killing Richard Drummond in
Lafayette County in 1994.

Friday's announcement bumps Skillicorn up in the line of condemned men
awaiting execution in Missouri.

The court on Tuesday announced plans to issue a warrant to execute John
Middleton on Sept. 17. At the time of that announcement, that would have
been the 1st execution date since 2005.

Skillicorn and his wife, Paula, were part of a lawsuit this week by nearly
30 inmates, family and clergy members and legislators. The suit claims
Missouri's method of lethal injection violates state law, and asks for a
temporary halt on executions.

Scott Holste, spokesman for Attorney General Jay Nixon, said the office
would continue to oppose any effort by Skillicorn to stop the execution.

Kansas City attorney Jennifer Merrigan said her client did not commit the
murder. She said co-defendant Allen Nicklasson repeatedly confessed from
the beginning that he was responsible for the murder and that Skillicorn
didn't know anything about it.

"That statement was not allowed in at trial," she said Friday. "It was
never heard by the jury. That's something we think is really important."

She said Skillicorn is "very remorseful" for his participation in events
that led to the murder.

"Dennis has devoted a lot of time in prison to giving something back," she

(source: Associated Press)

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