Sunday, 12 August 2007

Why did Florida Supreme Court set a briefing schedule for this case not on warrant?

MS. KEFFER: Well, the gist of my argument is
not because of my vacation. The gist of my
argument I was pointing that out to the Court.
The gist of my argument here is, this briefing
schedule to the Florida Supreme Court --and
understand that they have a briefing schedule, but
'certainly your Honor can provide them with an
order amending what has occurred here in this
court and amending the schedule based on the turn
of events.
I don't think that when the Florida Supreme
Court set the briefing schedule that, you know,
they thought, well, we're going to cut off any
type of process that's involved in the circuit
court. They did it based on this court's
representation of what we all could best guess was
happening at the time.

MR. NUNNELLEY: Judge, in light of -

MS. KEFFER: That may have changed. An
amended order certainly could be provided to the
Florida Supreme Court so this does not have to be
a procedure that's done, again, within a week's

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