Thursday, 23 August 2007

Why are Florida death row inmates treated by the courts as if they were on a warrant?

The question media has to ask is :

Why are all Florida death row prisoners set under the same time constraint
as to litigation, as a client who has a warrant?

Florida Supreme Court has directed the lethal injection issues for all death row prisoners to
be litigated via the Lightbourne case

And now Florida is treating the Lightbourne case as if he had a warrant or as if all death row prisoners are under a warrant schedule in litigation.

Why these illegal time contraints ?

Is this illegal prosecution and the sleeping of the courts a desperate attempt to cover the botched Angel Diaz execution as soon as possible - under time constraint - to be able to kill again in Florida long before anyone can uncover the real truth of what happened in Florida and SECURE that this botch will never happen again in Florida?

Or is Florida heading willingly and planned ( premediated ) to botch again?

Where is the clear brain?

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