Sunday, 12 August 2007

State pushing for timeframes in Lightbourne

MS. KEFFER: Judge, at this point to set that

kind of timeframe , I'm still going to be getting

records from the Department of Corrections. The

Department of Corrections still has to go back to
-his decision makers and determine when this can be

done. And I think there's a lot of information

that kind of prohibits such a schedule at this -

at this juncture.

You know, we can file --you know, the

Department of Corrections can do what they need to

do, to file whatever with the Court to inform the

Court of that, but to do that kind of schedule

DOW, you know, that's the problem we ran into in
the beginning, is these tight timeframes and this
is what we've got to do by this date.

You know, let's let's do this process the
right way. Let's --let Mr. Lightbourne get the
records and look through them. Let the Department
of Corrections do what they need to do and not
Mr. Changus sat here today and testified that
these protocols to some extent were the result
because they were trying to get them out because
they knew this litigation was coming on May 18th.

Let's do this the right way and not put it on

'this time pressure of we've got to set a date
today. I'm not trying to delay the process in any
way, but I think certainly, you know, it's been
said many times, and today is Sunday, and let's go
ahead and let us go back to our respective
offices, and let us get the documents that you,
this court, has ordered us to get.

Let the Department of Corrections, again,
speak to who he needs to speak to, and let's -you
know, then we can report back to the Court if
there needs to be a subsequent date.

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