Monday, 13 August 2007

Comment to Florida State protesting judge Angels order

What an arrogant. self-serving patronizing abuse of power! I ask any lawyer at the AG's office: what are they afraid of? What are they trying to hide? The walk through can be accomplished with the participants wearing their ghoulish disguises.

A hearing is supposed to accomplish what the name implies: hear. That involves that ALL aspects of the case be heard. No one side can say to the judge, "if you allow this in evidence, it will ruin my case" , or "if you suppress this evidence, it will gut my case" (Jeff Dicks, Frank Milano.)

While I feel that the plaintiff is specious, Even a Georg Bush or other Goon can learn to mix two liquids -- they are probably pre-mixed anyhow, or inject a pre-measured amount to liquid into a powder and shake it up. A pharmacist or doctor can use his time better. and beside, a Missouri doctor-- noi foubt a Goon--a dmitted not reading numbers correctly.

The state is desparate-- jumping through hoops-- to keep their well love ritual murder in place. Add to this the wonderful nonsence in North Carolina, and the death penalty by injection is on the way out.

The only solution is to abolish, which won't be a reality in my lifetime, or create a new specialty of killer-doctors, men and women who after med. school, by normal practice, do not take the Hipocratic or Geneva Oath, and wear a black SS uniform, complete with death heads --Totenkopf. They will have their practice strictly limited by law to executions and assisted suicide.They would have titles like Lord High Executioner, Injector third class etc. That, though pragmatic, is unrealistic today, or is it?

G M Larkin MD

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