Sunday, 12 August 2007

To put this kind of rush timeframe on the process

MS. KEFFER: Your Honor, I have already
indicated that I am going out of the country on
July 28th through August 5th. I indicated that to
the Court when you took into consideration the
briefing schedule. That was something set before
these matters even began in the hearing. And
MR. NUNNELLEY: Judge, I had forgotten
MS. KEFFER: I understand that --I mean,
this is the --the order --the order to the
Florida Supreme Court can be amended in light of
events of the Court.
And the fact of matter is to put this kind of
rush timeframe on the process, we're going to run
into the same exact problems that we had to .begin
with. We're going to run into the problem where
counsel hasn't been provided with the information
that they reviewed. We're not going to be
provided with, you know, all of the documentation
of what they're setting forth in the protocols.
I will there definitely will need to be
argument as to whether or not it comports with
what the Court has said; and furthermore, with
what Mr. Lightbourne's concerns are.
As your Honor pointed out, your order may not
address all of our concerns; therefore, you know,
to put this rush schedule on this again is just
setting it up to fail again.
MR. NUNNELLEY: Well, Judge, I had forgotten
Ms. Keffer's vacation schedule. I didn't write it
down. So then that's fine. That's fine. I
didn't realize she was coming back on the 5th. I
had forgotten. I'm sorry. I didn't remember.
MS. KEFFER: Is that -MR.
NUNNELLEY: So let's make it the 13th,
the week of the 13th.

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