Monday, 6 August 2007

Report: favorable DNA results for Greg Wright in Texas

From the BLOG Capital Defense Weekly:

Report: favorable DNA results for Greg Wright in Texas

In a preview of an annoucnement to be made tomorrow, it appears Greg Wright in Texas, who has purportedly also passed a polygraph test, has now passed a DNA test that conclusively disproves the State’s theory of the case that sent him to death row.

[Following] DNA testing in recent weeks, Gregory Edward Wright was excluded as a contributor to the DNA on the knife used in the crime for which he has been accused. Additionally, it has been found that Greg’s DNA is inconsistent with the biological material found on the pair of jeans, claimed at the trial by the prosecution to have been worn by him. These two facts, coming as they do on top of a successful polygraph examination, represent significant new evidence in this case. It is the intention of Greg’s attorney’s to seek immediate consideration of these factors by every legal means.

The DNA results came amid an appeal to the Fifth Circuit & a purported confession by a third party to the crime that sent Wright to death row.

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