Tuesday, 3 July 2007


ACTION ALERT – Statement from The Welfare Poets
and the Campaign to End the Death Penalty:


The Campaign to End the Death Penalty is calling for activists to support Kenneth Foster, on death row in Texas and scheduled to be executed Aug. 30, 2007. Texas sentenced Kenneth to death, under Texas’ twisted “Law of Parties,” where being a “party” to a murder is punishable by death. No other state has this hugely unjust law (see attached fact sheet). In prison, Kenneth has become a leader with the DRIVE movement, engaging in non-violent struggle against conditions in the notorious Polunsky Unit.
All eyes must be on Texas to let them know that they cannot get away with such blatant disregard for human life and justice. Contact the Governor’s office:

Tel.: (512) 463-1782
Fax: (512) 463-1849
To email: send message from the website:

Sign the online petition at http://www.petitiononline.com/ee88911/petition.html
Go to www.freekenneth.com eth.com/> to get involved with the struggle.

**SAVE THE DATE!! Forum for Kenneth Foster with The Welfare Poets, call-in from Texas,
and the Campaign to End the Death Penalty, St. Mary's Church-Harlem, Thurs. July 26, 7 PM**

A Call to Action from the Welfare Poets: Kenneth Haramia Foster is set to be executed on August 30th, 2007 for driving a car!!!!

Kenneth Haramia Foster is one of four brothers who first contacted The Welfare Poets in 2004 and asked for assistance with their individual cases and with abolishing the death penalty in general. The three other brothers are Tony Eguna Ford, Randy Arroyo (whose death sentence was commuted to life) and the late Hasan Shakur.

Kenneth Haraminia Foster is our brother/comrade in the most revolutionary sense of the word. He is an artist, writer, thinker and organizer behind the walls who has fought to change conditions not only for himself but for everyone else who yearns for true justice. His initial contact to the Welfare Poets (along with the three other brothers) led to the creation of our Hip-Hop Compilation/fund-raiser CD against the death penalty "Cruel and Unusual Punishment,” officially released Feb. 1st 2007.

Beyond corresponding by mail and discussing everything from politics to music, we have made the trip to Texas and actually met with the brother in person a few times, speaking for hours. He is a soldier for the people, and it is exactly for this reason they are trying to kill him so swiftly and unjustly. But soldiers do not go quietly.

This execution date is a planned political assassination. Kenneth Haramia Foster is one of our most endangered political prisoners -- they are trying to execute his actions and ideas.

Do all you must to learn about the man and his situation! Go to www.freekenneth.com. Learn about the DRIVE Movement. Learn

also about Texas’s heinous "Law of Parties" -- it is beyond ridiculous. (Check our blog on the Law of Parties at myspace.com/thewelfarepoets). Sign both petitions to stop this execution and to tend the Law of Parties and then get on the move with regards to this planned lynching.

Functions and actions are being planned in NYC, Texas and in other places around the country and world. We must force them to five attention to a freedom fighter who is guilty of killing no one.

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