Monday, 16 July 2007

Why is it "too late" to hear exculpative evidence?

Again I ask an unanswered question: Why is it "too late" to hear exculpative evidence? Does the state of Georgia want to obtain "Justice", or will just any Black man do as a "bouc émissaure"? Is this the message Georgia wants to send the world? Makes no difference who we murder in cold blood; pick a convenient "Nigger" and hang him from the highest tree--- after a fair trial of course. This -- the case for Davis-- is a moral issue coming along with a legal one. Killing Davis would be cold blooded premeditated murder, since all evidence against him is collapsing as I write.

Georgia has had a sordic record of illegal and legal lynching. Let this not add to that legacy of Ol Jim Crow, and active klukkers.

Ol" Grouch
Charlotte, NC - USA

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