Thursday, 26 July 2007

Highly Recommended-But This One is Very Scarey

Tuesday, July 24, 2007
Highly recommended
- but this one is very scarey

Jane R (I think I'm going to have to start charging her for mentions - she's being a bit prolific at the moment) at ACTS OF HOPE has an excellent post up that contains a link through to footage of an execution facility in North Carolina.

Warden Polk takes members of the press through the prison, detailing hour-by-hour the preparation, and carrying out, of a 2:00 am execution. Footage includes the deathwatch area, the table where the last meal is taken, the final holding cell, the IV preparation room, the witness room, and footage of Warden Polk and Captain Marshall Hudson wheeling the gurney into the execution chamber.

The short film includes candid discussion by the warden about the role of doctors in lethal injections as well as his own feelings on overseeing the executions.

It's horrible.

My American friends, you cannot claim to be civilised until you stop killing things that don't need to be killed. Such acts of vengeance are not only sub-human, they are sub-animal (my dogs would never do it). In fact, the way you treat your evil people, your poor and the alien amongst you is simply not worthy of a country that gave the world the American Constitution and modern democracy. OK, Europeans fall far short of perfection, but we're not that bad. We learnt from the Enlightenment and we have moved on.

Please note. It's because of the fact that I love you that you can so easily break my heart.

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