Saturday, 14 July 2007

Spare Troy Anthony Davis

Spare Troy Anthony Davis

ACT to stop this state killing now:

Please call on the Board to commute the death sentence of Troy Davis.


State Board of Pardons and Paroles
2 Martin Luther King, Jr. Drive, SE, Suite 458
Balcony Level, East Tower
Atlanta, Georgia 30334-4909
Fax: 1 404 651 8502
Salutation: Dear Board members

Blog from a friend

“Why is ‘closure’ more important that justice? Why is error always ‘harmless’?”
Why is Error ‘Harmless’?

Again I ask the question:

Why is compelling evidence of actual innocence prevented from a hearing, if the system is hell bent on justice? How can evidence of innocence be ever “too late”? Does this mean that we the people are satisfied to execute an innocent man– able to prove his innocence– because some ineffectual lawyer — either through ignorance or other motive– failed to find evidence that exculpates? Or some judge turning sumersaults to keep a conviction? Why is ‘closure’ more important than justice? Why is error always ‘harmless’?

I have known judges who gutted the defense from presenting important evidence (Jeff Dicks, Frank Milano, Amos King), prosecutors who commit malicious lies (Lloyd Miller), prosectors who refused to accept absoliute evidence of innocene (Malcolm Johnson, Jesse Traffero and Sonia Jacobs), and medical examiners who deliberately “lose” evidence (Patrick Swiney, Amos King, Larry Swearingen), or blatantly misinterpret what they find (Johnny Lopez, Cathy Henderson,). I’ve known Fire Marshals who don’t know nuttin’ (Kevin Richey, Whittongham, Amos King), and many convictions based on a false presumption of correctness.

Does anybody care? Are we condemned to the crime and major sin of indifference? After all it ain’t US getting the needle….What has ahppened to our morals? Please someone, answer this.

Glenn M Larkin, MD, Retired, Forensic Medicine
From a leader of human rights and the Abolition (of death penalty) Movement for decades in response to above:

“This is exactly right….these trials are not about justice in any sense of the word, since justice can never be equated to exterminating people. We kill these folks because we can….pure and simple….power, greed,bigotry, and hatred…. if we REALLY looked into the mirror to see who we
are, we would be repulsed to see that nationally we are nothing more than judicial Nazis on this issue…..

It is not US being killed, so all things related to reason, compassion,etc. have no place in a system which is devised by people who only lust to
kill, and who use lawyers and doctors to assist them in getting jury votes to uphold the liquidations…..pathetic!

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It is extremely important that each of us make it clear that this execution is not being carried out in our names. Please take a moment to email or write the George Board of Pardons and Paroles.

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