Tuesday, 17 July 2007

Davis Granted Stay of Execution

July 17, 2007


Davis Granted Stay of Execution

Odette Yousef, WABE News

ATLANTA, GA - Troy Davis has been granted a 90-day stay of execution. Davis
was convicted in 1991 of murdering a Savannah police officer. His execution
had been scheduled for 7pm tonight.

The order from the state's Board of Pardons and Paroles suspends Davis'
execution until October 14th. Between now and then, his lawyers will try to
convince the Board to remove Davis from death row altogether.

His older sister, Martina Correia, talked to Davis as soon as she heard the

CORREIA: He was sitting alone in a room, and they actually had already moved
him to the death chamber, and when he said 90 days, he said all the guards
started coming down there, thanking him, and telling him they were getting
ready to move him out of there and put him back in his cell.

Correia is elated, but she's ready to hit the pavement to galvanize support
for full clemency.

Since reinstating the death penalty in 1973, 47 cases have come before
Georgia's Parole Board. Clemency was granted in eight.


Source : WABE News


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