Thursday, 5 July 2007

Growing up in the segregated South

Of course this is a throwback to the days when a Black was always guilty of SOMETHING, if not murder. It made no difference who they either lynched or electrocuted, as long as he was Black. So deeply engrained is the prejudice that the fuzz actually believe that this boy is a killer, and after all, since he is black, a white man's word is all that matters, except if the white man is a Jew (Leo Franks).

Growing up in the segregated South leaves a mark on you, subtle unconscious or even conscious beliefs that cannot be easily washed away, and even with all the racial progress seen in Georgia, some of the deep seated beliefs remain.

I remember getting into trouble with a deputy sheriff because I committed the unpardonable sin of going to the picture and sitting in the "COLORED" section at the Saturday morning pictures, and drinking from a "COLORED" fountain. Instead if whipping me, may father said it took courage to stand up for what is clearly right, although against the law. Not every nine year old had such understanding parents, nor were they call "Nigger lover" to the tune of a rock fusillade.

This is material, because some of Southern juries grew up in that atmosphere; although my sons went to integrated schools, the shadow of Ol Jim Crowe lingered, and apparently fell on Mr Davis, derived from those who investigated him, tried him, and sentenced him. It is clear that in a white dominant SUV, NASCAR society, there is less justice for Blacks than there are for Whites, all else being equal. This is a legal lynching in a state where lynching was de rigor , and Foster will be executed because none of the Christian folk in Georgia want to be bothered by the facts, or any furrin scientific eveidence. It just confuses the folks. Another victim to a SNAFUed justice system. It hurts my heart to hear of cases like this, and there are so many..

G M Larkin.

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