Thursday, 5 July 2007

Davis' death will not serve justice

July 5, 2007


Davis' death will not serve justice

I read with astonishment the letter by the individual who, "remembered this
event," during which Officer Mark Allen MacPhail was brutally murdered.
The writer wrote of his memory of Troy Anthony Davis, then 19 years old,
being caught standing over the lifeless body of the young officer, gun in

Certainly, were this the case, the cries for justice for Troy Davis would be
silent. Not only was Troy Davis never seen with a gun; the gun was never
found. Further, the gunshot residue test performed on him was negative -
odd for a man who had gone on a murderous spree. There was absolutely NO
physical evidence connecting Troy Davis to the murder; only the testimony of
supposed witnesses, all but two of whom have come forward and given eerily
similar accounts of police coercion.

Equally alarming is that one of the two individuals yet to recant is the
same man that multiple people have signed sworn affidavits implicating as
the murderer.

The same man who had the same caliber gun on the night of the crime that was
used to take the life of Mark MacPhail, but then gave it to a friend, whose
name he couldn't remember. The same man who never had a residue test
performed on him by the police department. The same man who is still
amongst the residents of Savannah, Georgia.

I would urge anyone who assumes that justice is finally being served to look
deeper. The impending execution of Troy Davis is a grave and horrific

The senseless and brutal murder of Mark Allen MacPhail becomes no less
devastating as time goes on, but to allow Troy Anthony Davis to go to his
death for a crime he did not commit will only compound the tragedy.


St. Simons Island


Source : Savannah Morning News, Letter to the editor

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