Tuesday, 23 January 2007

"Blinkered" death-penalty language/logic

"Blinkered" death-penalty language/logic:

Jonathon Birch has this opinion piece in the Cambidge U. student newspaper, entitled "Hidden meanings, disguised realities."
...To see any execution as ‘just’ requires blinkered logic. Justice is nothing if not a moral ending to a life story. According to justice, criminals aren’t killed for their benefit; they’re killed for ours, so that when we review their life we find the ending appropriate. But whilst one story may end in justice, the other no less relevant ‘stories’ which compose a life end with a sudden injustice. Relationships, personal journeys: everything that carries on during a prison sentence, end too. Real lives don’t follow the neat plotline of a fable. Yet legal systems across the world apply the logic of Aesop. Why? For the show, for the news event: and the language reflects this.

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