Sunday, 11 February 2007

Weekend roundup pt I

Weekend roundup pt I

The weekend news roundup has some fairly disturbing news, perhaps the most disturbing is from the St. Petersburg Times. That article looks at the Angel Diaz execution & the testimony arising from it in the Florida lethal injection commission’s hearings.

The lead executioner in a botched lethal injection testified on Friday that the team had to empty 14 syringes of chemicals and saline solution into Angel Diaz.

The executioner told a panel studying the state’s lethal injection protocols that they pumped the cocktail into both of Diaz’s arm. He surprised some observers by saying he had gone to the second arm in other executions as well.

He added that he did that on those other occasions on his own volition - not on the advice of medical staff.

“That’s because I thought I should do it,” he said, later adding, “In my opinion, when the execution begins the executioner is in charge.”

When panelists asked him about his medical training, he said, “I have no medical training or qualifications.”

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