Sunday, 11 February 2007

The AMA is a private club

The AMA is a private club, has no legal standing, except to discipline physicians by expelling them. Each state controls physician behavior by a legal medical board under color of the ninth amendment. Each state's medical board can revoke a license, or sanction a physician in other manners.

This may be moot, as I am not sure that an electroencephalogram can detect pain; I believe there has to be a baseline pre-execution tracing to compare the tracings during execution, and to be able to separate apparent deviations from the norm due to pain, due to anxiety, and due to the dying process. The use of an ECG is further icing on the cake of respectability to make the murder "look" like a medical procedure. It is a grand illusion, with actors playing doctor.

G M Larkin MD
Charlotte NC USA

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