Sunday, 25 February 2007

A Florida butcher - called medical expert - disclosed in Florida

During the commission`s work, it has been disclosed to the public that Florida executions have for years been managed by the most cruel and hardened Florida butcher

A person, who under a professional medical identity, has managed to make anyone believe that
Florida had some kind of humane control over the execution situation

Florida medical society has quietly liscenced and supported this butcher as part of its own medical professional wing and let him be free to continue to torture helpless human lifes under a professional flag

This is outrageous.

These words tell it all :

Witness: “Once the inmate is placed in the death chamber and the
final response from the Governor of the State of Florida is given,
there is nothing medical about the event. From this point onward, it
is not a medical procedure. There is nothing medical about it, nor to
equate to it. An execution has absolutely nothing even remotely
connected with medicine. The medical argument in the debate is false
when comparing executions, which [was] to include the settings. From
that point onward, the condemned inmate will not leave the death
chamber alive.

The doctor`s perception of his own personal role in the death chamber - to secure that the inmate will not leave the death chamber alive - is nothing but a serious expression of this person`s dangerous psychological problems, which has never been investigated, examined and confronted by psychological experts, because he is lead to personally and secretely work under the protection of Florida DOC, Florida Governor, Florida FDLE, Florida Health Department,Florida politicans and judges and justices of the Florida courts

This is outrageous

And this has continued for years in Florida - after botched execution after botched execution has this totally incompetent execution team been allowed to botch and torture helpless persons.

Where is the psychological examination of these execution team persons and the persons, politicans and officials who have set themselves in the position of continuing this torture?

And this has happened on and on again in spite of numerous warnings from those who were partly able to look in and observe this nightmare.

Just denial

Just easy fixes

Just manipulative excuses and avoidance.

Where are the floridians, who have let these people in power positions?

Witness: “I participated in approximately 84 executions. I served as
resource to five states and to [..] the Federal Government.”

This dangerous individual put in a power-position by Floridas leading politicians
protected under The World Medical Society`s professional wing in Floridas history over years
is one of the worst american scandals now slowly disclosed to the world.




The world is watching.

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