Wednesday, 17 January 2007

Norman Timberlake execution stayed

Norman Timberlake execution stayed: The Indiana Supreme Court today stayed the Norman Timberlake execution that had been scheduled for Friday. The court acknowledged similarities in issues raised by the Timberlake case and those in the Panetti v. Quarterman case currently before the US Supreme Court. Today's Indiana Supreme Court ruling is here (5-page pdf). AP has this coverage.
AP excerpt:
In their order, Indiana justices said the high court's decision in the Panetti case, which might come this summer, could change the standard for executing mentally ill patients by offering a new interpretation of the Eighth Amendment, which bans cruel and unusual punishment.

"Timberlake's situation is sufficiently similar to Panetti's that a stay of Timberlake's impending execution is appropriate," according to the order, written by Justice Brent Dickson.
(Earlier coverage of Timberlake case here and here. Ralph Blumenthal column in NYT on Panetti case here.)

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