Thursday, 18 January 2007

A killer anniversary

A killer anniversary

As spotlighted by this press release from Amnesty International, the first "modern" US execution took place exactly 30 years ago today. AI marks the anniversary with this long essay, entitled "The experiment that failed: A reflection on 30 years of executions."

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court today fittingly has a day devoted to oral arguments in yet another round of review of Texas capital jury deliberations. For effective previews, check out SCOTUSblog and Crime & Consequences. And, as detailed here at How Appealing, California is busy trying to get its execution protocol worked out.

For my part, I'll try my hand at a macabre fractured song lyric:

It was thirty years ago today, that
Gary Gilmore told the state to slay
Death's been going in and out of style
But the killings will go on a while.


So you just need to get used to
The act you've known for all these years...

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