Sunday, 14 January 2007

Court to hear four more cases

Court to hear four more cases

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The Supreme Court on Friday added four new cases to its decision docket in the current Term, including a test of federal courts' authority to overturn a state trial judge's decision to remove a juror from a capital trial because of that juror's views about capital punishment. That case is Uttecht v. Brown (06-413, petition). During jury selection in this Washington State murder case, the trial judge dismissed a juror because of equivocal statements about the death penalty. After the Washington Supreme Court upheld that dismissal, the case went to federal habeas court, leading to a Ninth Circuit ruling that barring a juror is allowed only if it is clear that that juror would not follow the law. The order list can be found here.

Today's Grants

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The Court has granted 4 cases (the order list is now here):

05-1284, Watson v. Philip Morris (petition, SG brief)
06-376, Hinck v. U.S. (Question Presented)
06-413, Uttecht v. Brown (petition)
06-531, Struhs v. Wyner (Question Presented)

None have been expedited. Regular orders will appear on Tuesday at 10 AM eastern.

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