Tuesday, 14 October 2008


Announcing a Troy Davis Demonstration in Washington DC.
For more information contact, mikestark2003@yahoo.com


US Supreme Court denies justice for Troy Davis & lifts stay of execution!

What: Demonstration for Troy Davis

When: Saturday, October 18th at 2 PM

Where: 14th St. and Park Rd. NW (near Columbia Heights Metro)

Who: Campaign to End the Death Penalty, Washington Peace Center, Nat Turner Rebellion, Black August Planning Committee, International Socialist Organization, National Lawyers Guild, and others.

Why: Today (10/14) the US Supreme Court denied Georgia death row prisoner Troy Davis' request for a new trial. The decision was a cruel answer to Troy and his family who were hoping the Court would review the facts and circumstances surrounding his unjust conviction. Troy was convicted without physical evidence -- instead, the case against him relied on witness testimony. However, since his conviction 7 of the 9 witnesses have recanted their testimony at trial.

Troy's case has become an important battleground for all those who are concerned about the unfairness of a legal system that routinely sends the poor and minorities to prison without due process. Concerns about Troy's case have prompted a wide range of individuals from across the world to call for a halt to his execution. From former President Jimmy Carter to Rev. Desmond Tutu, people concerned with justice have been organizing on Troy's behalf.

JOIN US! Join the tens of thousands who demand justice for Troy Davis!

Demonstration this Saturday, October 18th at 2 PM at 14th St. and Park Rd. NW.

Stop the execution of Troy Davis! Abolish the death penalty!

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