Saturday, 25 October 2008

Affidavit of James M. Davis, Jr. - The innocence case of Wayne Tompkins

Similarly, Kathy Stevens’ testimony was contradicted by
“Junior” Davis, Lisa DeCarr’s boyfriend at the time of her

disappearance, when he was located in 2002. After years of
searching and after the State finally provided previously
undisclosed documents about Davis in 2001, Mr. Tompkins’ counsel
located “Junior” Davis in April of 2002. “Junior” Davis’s full
name is James M. Davis, Jr. Upon being contacted, Mr. Davis
reported that he had been Lisa DeCarr’s boyfriend in March of
1983. In a sworn affidavit, Mr. Davis stated, “[t]he story of
Kathy running into me at the store the day Lisa disappeared is
not true. If anyone had told me that Wayne was attacking Lisa and
she was screaming for someone to call the police, I would have
gone directly there” (Affidavit of James M. Davis, Jr., paragraph
6, 4PC-R. 130). Mr. Davis elaborated:
If I thought there was anyway I could have helped
[Lisa], I would have, especially if she were in
trouble. This is why what Kathy said is not true. I
never saw Kathy on the morning that Lisa disappeared,
nor did Kathy ever tell me that she had just seen Lisa
being attacked by Wayne. In fact, the first time I
heard of anything having possibly happened to Lisa was
when I heard on the radio she was missing.
(Affidavit of James M. Davis, Jr., paragraph 8, 4PC-R. 130).

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