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Veto of Triggerman Rule Elimination Upheld by Virginia State Senate

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Action Alert: Please Thank Our legislators April 6, 2007

Veto of Triggerman Rule Elimination Upheld by Virginia State Senate

Wednesday evening just minutes before the end of the one-day Reconvened Session of the Virginia General Assembly, the State Senate voted to sustain Gov. Kaine’s veto of HB 2348 by a vote of 24Y to 14N. Earlier in the day the Senate had rejected SB 1288 by a vote of 25Y to 14N. The veto by Gov. Kaine of these bills to expand Virginia’s death penalty by making accessories to murder eligible for a capital indictment has been sustained. 27 votes are needed to override a veto in the Senate, 14 to sustain.

Please take a moment and click below to send a note of thanks to all our legislators who voted against the majority on this crucial legislation. These Senators and Delegates have stood with us in opposing a dramatic expansion of the death penalty. Tim Kaine is the first governor to refuse to support legislation to expand Virginia’s race to execution. Please also express your gratitude to him for his principled stand in vetoing all five death penalty expansion bills.

With the close of the 2007 General Assembly it is time for VADP to renew our call for a moratorium on executions in conjunction with a study of Virginia’s capital system. We will be scheduling speaking tours across the Commonwealth by death row exonerees to raise the need for a moratorium. Please contact VADP to bring a speaker to your community to participate in our “Send the Death Penalty Walking” Project.

The following legislators voted to uphold Governor Kaine’s veto of the Triggerman Rule Elimination bills SB 1288 and HB 2348:


Charles Colgan D;

Kenneth Cuccinelli R;

Jeannemarie Devolites Davis R;

John Edwards D;

Janet Howell D;

Benjamin Lambert D;

Mamie Locke D;

Louise Lucas D;

Henry Marsh D;

Yvonne Miller D;

Linda “Toddy” Puller D;

Richard Saslaw D;

Patricia Ticer D;

Mary Margaret Whipple D;


Russ Potts R;

The senators’ e-mail addresses, in bulk are:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;


Ken Alexander D;

Mamye BaCote D;

Robert Brink D;

Vincent Callahan R;

Adam Ebbin D;

Al Eisenberg D;

David Englin D;

Frank Hargrove R;

Dwight Clinton Jones D;

Dave Marsden D;

Jennifer McClellan D;

Donald McEachin D;

Harvey Morgan R;

Ken Plum D;

Jim Scott D;

Lionell Spruill D;

David Toscano D;

Roslyn Tyler D;

Shannon Valentine D;

Jeion Ward D;

Onzlee Ware D;

The delegates’ e-mail addresses, in bulk are:;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;

To send a note to Gov. Timothy M. Kaine click on the following url:

Thanks for all you do.

Jack Payden-Travers, Director

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