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Story of Lucasville Prison Riot Made Into Theatrical Production

April 6, 2007


Story of Lucasville Prison Riot Made Into Theatrical Production

New Play Reveals 'Untold Story' From Inmates Point of View

Jim Otte,

COLUMBUS, Ohio -- The 1993 Lucasville prison riot left 10 people dead and
became one of the longest inmate uprisings in U.S. history.

It lasted nearly two weeks and took hundreds of National Guardsmen, highway
patrol troopers and sheriff's deputies to return the prison to normal.

The story of what happened at Lucasville is about to be told from the
inmates' point of view in a new theatrical production.

"Lucasville, The Untold Story of a Prison Uprising," was published in book
form in 2004. Now, the stage version of the story will be performed around
the state.

The premier performance is scheduled for Portsmouth, just south of
Lucasville, on the anniversary of the uprising, April 11.

In an interview with WHIOTV.COM, Mike Brickner of the Amercian Civil
Liberties Union Ohio said the ACLU is supporting the performances.

Brickner said it is a compelling story that some Ohioans may not have heard
before or may be too young to remember.

Five inmates were convicted and sent to death row for their involvement in
the uprising that left one prison guard dead.

"We hope to reach a lot more people in Ohio and tell them what's going on,"
Brickner said.

Since the riot, there has been speculation about a movie on the Lucasville
riot. Brickner said he has not heard of anything solid about a movie but
said it would be a powerful story.

Inmates convicted in the death of guard Robert Vallandingham have filed
appeals, claiming false testimony was provided by other inmates against


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Starla said...

At the time of the riot my dad worked for WPAY radio station and they broadcasted live from the prison. My dad also transmitted a recording of George Skatzes making the prisoners' demands to CBS to air on the nightly news. The riot was a terrible thing and many people around our area mourned for those involved.

Roderick Robinson,Sr. said...


Blaming the Muslims for the lucasville riot
Additionally,another staff member confided in me.The Lucasville riot circa 1963, was initiated by staff, who had been stealing money,property, jewelry, etc. from inmates. ( I believe this by reason I personally eye witnessed administrative staff being arrested on similar charges during my stay at S.O.C.F.) And to cover for these actions,staff members involved the Muslims so they would appear to be the perpetrators. Moreover, this same staff member recounted eye witnessing administrative staff dumping files, documents, on fires they themselves started. resulting in the loss of lives, not to mentions the millions it cost tax payers to secure a place that had already met that requirement, And it would have taken less than a few hundred to rid of shady employees. You do the math, and ponder what will these individuals will do next, start murdering in the streets? Who's next?
Why hasn't someone asked me who this staff member is, so as to prompt an investigation? One good reason, these putative "law abiding citizens," don't want you the public to see under their fleece, while they fleece.

Preferred email: the mitigating circumstances will prove my innocence and show how prison staff, repeatedly attempted to murder me, to cover this up. Plus evidence to show how prison staff murdered others. I have the names of eyewitnesses. Also in my AOL journal site see archive post 11/12/05. certification receipts, to president Bush, FBI, Former Ohio Gov.Bob Taft. et, al. Notwithstanding a prison staff member stated in 1998 Marion C.I. Marion Ohio. "I KNOW FOR A FACT, PRISON STAFF ARE MURDERING INMATES." None have acted on attempts at/ Or, Americans being murdered BY PRISON STAFF ! However, Ohio State Rep 2004. Joseph Koziuras secretaries, alleges Koziura sent this evidence to the Feds. in Washington, D. C. to no avail to date Dec. 2006.
Roderick Robinson
Bradenton, Fl.34210
Cell Ph: 440-949-0321

Roderick Robinson,Sr. said...

Urbanth-L Blog Space said...

Hi Folks,

Prisonersolidarity has a page of our website dedicated to the Lucasville riots:

One of our founding editors is S.A. Hasan, one of the Lucasville Five. Our group is based in Ohio, but we also cover national and international topics relating to prisoners' rights and prison reform, and alternatives, on our yahoogroups listserv (sign up via the homepage at

We invite you to sign up.

Angela Jancius

K said...


If you get the recording of George Skatzes could you let me know?

I have a site for George at


Anonymous said...

You people are fucking retarded. You back up cold blooded killers. I was in the riot at lucasville. Your heads are so full of shit. Dumb asses.

Anonymous said...

George Skatzes needs to die like the dog murderer he is. I was in the riot and none of you people realize what a piece of shit those people are. To all of them...... Die like the murdering fucks you are.