Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Chambers Challenges Execution Method

Chambers Challenges Execution Method
Lincoln, NE
Posted: 8:18 AM Apr 18, 2007
Last Updated: 8:18 AM Apr 18, 2007
Reporter: Associated Press
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State Senator Ernie Chambers of Omaha says the planned execution of death-row inmate Carey Dean Moore should not go forward, because the state violated administrative rules.

In a memo to Attorney General Jon Bruning and Governor Dave Heineman, Chambers says the method of execution was changed three years ago without a public hearing or oversight from the attorney general's and governor's offices.

Bruning says in a statement that his office will review the matter and respond appropriately.

Death-row inmates used to be executed with four separate jolts of electricity on the electric chair. But that was changed in 2004 following a judge's decision that state law requires a continuous application of electricity until the inmate is dead.

The new protocol Chambers is challenging is designed to comply with state law.

Moore is scheduled to be electrocuted May Eighth.

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