Wednesday, 4 April 2007

Missouri House Gives Preliminary Approval to Death Penalty Bill

April 4, 2007


Missouri House Gives Preliminary Approval to Death Penalty Bill

By Steve Walsh, Missourinet

The Missouri House has given preliminary approval to legislation intended to
address some of the concerns raised by a federal judge who has, in effect,
halted executions in his state.

Representative Danie Moore (R-Fulton) sponsors HB 820, which would eliminate
much of the secrecy of the execution protocol, but would keep confidential
the names of state employees and medical personnel involved in the
administration of executions.

Representative John Burnett (D-Kansas City) has concerns about the
legislation. And, he points out that opposition has brought together some
odd bedfellows. The American Civil Liberties Union and the Missouri Catholic
Conference have long been opponents of capital punishment. The Missouri
Press Association maintains it should have the right to disseminate the
information regarding those involved in the execution process.

Burnett says the whole idea of concealing the identities of executioners to
protect them is ludicrous. He believes those involved in the process are the
last people vulnerable to pressure.

One more positive vote in the House sends the legislation to the Senate.


Source : Missourinet

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