Tuesday, 13 February 2007

The physician who performs in an execution is already a pariah to his colleges

Gnädige Herr Knoll:

The physician who performs in an execution is already a pariah to his colleges. Many are half blind by dyslexia, have had problems with state licensing boards, or have been denied hospital privileges, or have been sued for malpractice. Those who are named are shunned by their colleges.

Surprisingly, few of the doctors who champion euthanasia have given them support. The moral justification those death doctors use is not valid-- they justify their claim by saying that the killer is a cancer to society, and has to be wiped out. HOWEVER A CANCER IS NOT A HUMAN BEING, AND A HUMAN BEING A CANCER. Moreover, a human has a soul-- a cancer does not. Karl Brandt is not a role model--no matter how good surgeon he might have been, he sold his soul to a devil, and that blighted out all his good work-- a tragic waste of talent.

One of these doctors living in the nether world will kill an innocent person, and get convicted or murder himself; that will stop them. As it is few doctors of note have categorically refused to participate, and several states are in a bind for lack of participating doctors.

We chastized Brant, DeKrinis, and others for turning the the medical mission from healing to killing; that must not happen again!

Mit hertzliche grüßen

G M Larkin MD
Charlotte NC USA

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