Saturday, 17 February 2007

A physician cannot be both a healer and a killer at the same time.

If there must be executions to satisfy the blood lust inherent in the GOONS, bring in the German improvement of the guillotine; It does not require any brains to operate -- just release the tric, and it is all over. It took the Gestapo just seven seconds to behead Mildred Harnack, from the time the judge said "Henker do it!"

This was no complicated business; the machine was prefabricated, set up without screws like a Tinker Toy (for you young folks like Lego), death was quick, and arguably painless, even though the severed head blinked and although able to speak, no one ever did. There is little to go wrong with it and the gushing blood can be curtailed

You do not need a doctor or rocket scientist to release the tric, as the French called it. There are no heads catching fire, no danse macabre on the end of a rope, and no fish out of water, or convulsing in a gas chamber, and above all, the blood will satisfy the blood lust that the sadist GOON has. It can even be set up at the sight of the crime. Organs can be used for transplant.

All this sounds fine except...

(1) There are arguably more people than GOONS in the country, although the GOONS are in power-- including GOON Numero UNO;

(2) Executions are taking judgment away from GOD, who deals with killers in his/her own way;

3) The execution of an innocent person is an anethema, and worse. Deep inside, absent all the Hollywood, the more Human GOON knows that it is wrong to kill people and hides behind the secrecy of hoods and goggles. adding a grotesque

4) A GOON is incapable as a venipuncturist, and certainly cannot do a cut-down, as the late Benny Demps so elegantly described.

5) The medical mission is to heal (or do no harm-- primo non nocere. A physician cannot be both a healer and a killer at the same time. Thanatology is not --repeat not-- a medical subspeciality. Apart from "Thou shall not kill", it just goes against the human psyche to kill another of God's creations in today's world. One last thought: did anyone notice that many GOONS are Yankee fans?

Ole_grouch (my spell check is kaput)

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