Monday, 5 February 2007

On Law and Justice

February 5, 2007


On Law and Justice

The Pacifica Board is also concerned about violence at home-including police
brutality and the death penalty.

In Georgia, an innocent Black man could soon be executed. The Pacifica Board
has resolved to report on Troy Anthony Davis. In 1991, a jury convicted
Davis for the 1989 killing of a white police officer. Fifteen people
testified against him at trial. Afterwards, 13 of these witnesses recanted
their testimony. Some admitted that they perjured themselves because of
police pressure, and some actually identified another man as the killer. But
the courts still want Davis executed.

Pacifica is calling on its listeners to stop wrongful executions and call
Troy Davis' sister, Martina Correia, at (912) 484-0344 to support his last

The Pacifica National Board also supports the demand by many organizations
and community activists nationwide for an end to police brutality.

There are many examples, including two recent extreme cases. In late 2006,
Sean Bell, an innocent and unarmed African American male, was killed in a
barrage of 50 bullets fired by five New York City police officers. Two of
his friends, also African American and unarmed, almost died. In the same
week, Kathryn Johnston, a 92-year-old African American grandmother, was
killed by police in Atlanta in a botched drug raid.

The Pacifica Board condemns these and other police killings, and the
harassment of all those who have been victimized by police brutality.
Joining Congress members Cynthia McKinney and John Conyers, the Board
demands that Congress hold hearings on the state of U.S. law enforcement
agencies' use of force and deadly force against Black, Latinos and other
communities of color.

The complete texts of these motions can be found on Pacifica's national
website: www.Pacifica.

org. This commentary will be aired on all Pacifica
stations. We urge you to learn more and do whatever you can to make a

To hear the audio cart, go HERE:
The motions can also be found at HERE


Source : Pacifica Radio (Pacifica Radio, founded in 1949 by pacifist Lewis
Hill, was the first listener-sponsored radio network in the country. It
operates stations KPFA-FM in Berkeley, KPFK-FM in Los Angeles, KPFT-FM in
Houston, WBAI-FM in New York, and WPFW-FM in Washington, DC, and has more
than 100 affiliate stations. )

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