Thursday, 8 February 2007

Joseph Nichols is scheduled for execution by the State of Texas on March 7, 2007

Joseph Nichols is scheduled for execution by the State of Texas on March 7, 2007. His final appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court was denied so this date is considered very serious. His only hope is that the Parole Board and Governor's office grant him clemency.

In 1980, Joseph Nichols and Willie Williams were convicted of capital murder for the death of Claude Schaefer. Joseph had just turned 19 at the time of the offense and in the company of the older Willie Williams, when the two attempted to rob a deli in Houston, Texas. Joseph panicked and ran out the deli after Schaeffer went for a gun and shots were fired. Willie Williams put one foot outside the deli but decided to return back to the deli to complete the robbery. He shot Schaefer with one bullet to the back and left with the cash box. Schaefer would die from one single gunshot wound. Joseph was running down the street when the shooting took place. Williams admitted too and it was proven at his trial that he was the sole shooter and the only shooter. The prosecutor in his case went to great lengths to prove that Willie Williams acted alone in and his gun only fired the one fatal shot that pierced Mr. Schaefer. The jury in Joseph Nicholas" first trial could not sentence him to death because it was proven that he was not the shooter and the result was a mistrial. In order to guarantee a death sentence in his second trial, the Harris County district attorney's office switched arguments; they argued that Joseph Nichols was the sole shooter and not Willie Williams. The jury rendered a guilty verdict and sentenced Joseph Nichols to death . Willie Williams has since been executed by the state of Texas.

We sympathize with the victim's family. Grief has no perspective person. There is no winner when someone dies. Killing is wrong regardless of who does it. But Joseph Nichols didn't kill anyone. He is being executed because according to the government he was a party at the scene of the crime. Joseph is a model prisoner, a compassionate and spiritual man who loves life. He is no longer the spontaneous youth he was when the crime occurred. He deserves a chance to live. He has been on death row for almost thirty years and if anyone has redeemed himself, it is Joseph Nichols. He did not kill anyone and the jury on the first trial saw this because the true facts came out. The second trial was a farce and based on lies, that is why the jury sentenced him to die. Justice is not served when facts are distorted for egotistical and political purposes.

Please act now by signing the petition and writing both the Governor and Parole Board at the address listed below asking that they grant clemency for Joseph Nichols. We collectively, can make enough noise so the State of Texas can hear us and hopefully save Joseph Nichols life. Attached are important case documents that you can use and a recent photo of Joseph Nichols. Thanks for your time and understanding. ACT NOW!!!!!

Anita Babineaux

Write to:
Governor Rick Perry
Office of the Governor
P.O. Box 12428
Austin, Texas 78711-2418
Phone (512) 463-2000]
Fax (512) 463-1849

Board of Pardons and Paroles
Attn: Rissie L. Owens
Executive Clemency Section
P.O. Box 13401 Capital Station
Austin, Texas 78711
Phone (512) 406-5852
Fax (512) 467-0945

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