Sunday, 11 February 2007

Humane Executions" : State sponsored hypocrisy

Humane Executions" : State sponsored hypocrisy

James W. Gerrard,
Leeds LS8 1NP

"Humane Executions" : State sponsored hypocrisy

November 2002

Jonathan Groner's well argued article highlights the hypocrisy of those involved in "humane killing" by giving the process a veneer of medical respectability. One wonders for whose benefit is the prescence of a cardiac monitor, defibrillator and other emergency medical equipment. Certainly not for the prisoner.

Given that the American Medical Association appears to condemn the participation of its members in executions it might wish to consider revoking the membership of any who have taken part in them. It also seems reasonable to me to refer participants to the USA equivalent of the General Medical Council for consideration of serious professional misconduct. Why has this not occurred?

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