Thursday, 15 February 2007

Abolish capital punishment?

February 15, 2007


Abolish capital punishment?

The rich are never executed, only the poor and disproportionately
minorities. DNA science has gained release of 123 innocent convicts. So,
states are murdering some innocent persons. Unfair!
It's insane that states kill killers to teach that killing is wrong.

We alone of western industrialized nations legalize state murder. It doesn't
reduce murder. The 38 states doing death penalties have the same murder
rates as 12 non-death penalty states. Killing killers doesn't deter killing.

Andy Rooney opposes death penalties saying, "Sometimes I want to throttle
them myself with my own hands." Not allowed.

Nowhere does Jesus say, "Kill the killers."

In Matthew 5:38 (TEV), Jesus says, "You have heard, get an eye for an eye or
a tooth for a tooth. But I tell you, 'Do not take revenge on someone who
does you wrong ... do good to those who hurt you!" So, quit the old "eye for
an eye" unchristian excuse for state vengeance killing.

The "No Parole Life Sentence" is tougher on killers than death. Forced to
endure living with their deeds, some may be reclaimed. And, it is much
cheaper than death penalties with all our legal protections against error.

Yet, errors keep happening.

Death penalties are unfair, insane, vengeful and more expensive.

SB 306 abolishes death penalties. Urge your state legislator's vote.

These churches support SB 306: Roman Catholic, United Methodist, United
Presbyterian, Episcopal, United Church of Christ, Christian, Unitarian and
Montana Association of Churches.

Vern Klingman



Source : Billings Outpost

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