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Eine Petition an Gouverneur Rick Perry: Texas sollte zugeben dass Todd Willingham unschuldig war

Texas sollte zugeben dass Todd Willingham unschuldig war

Eine Petition an Gouverneur Rick Perry und den Staat von Texas anzuerkennen das dass Feuer in dem Cameron Todd Willingham Fall kein Fall von Brandstiftung war. Folgendermassen wurde kein Verbrechen am 17. Februar 2004begangen und Texas hat einen unschuldigen Mann hingerichtet.

An: Texas Gouverneur Rick Perry

Cameron Todd Willingham wurde in 2004 fuer Mord hingerichtet nachdem er fuer Brandstiftung verurteilt wurde welches zum Tod seiner drei Kinder fuehrte. Den Untersuchungen von mehreren Brand Experten zum folge allerdings, inklusive eins vom der Texas Forensic Science Comission von Dr. Craig Beyler, war das Feuer keine Folge von Brandstiftung. Wir, die Unterzeichneten, fordern Sie auf die Ergebnisse der Experten, welche klar und deutlich aufweisen das es sich hier nicht um einen fall von Brandstiftung handelt, anzuerkennen und oeffentlich die Unschuld von Cameron Willingham zu bezeugen.

In Anbetracht dieser neuen erkenntnisse das es sich hiebei nicht um Brandstiftung handelte sondern ein Unglueck war, sollte der Staat von Texas alle hinrichtungen suspendieren. Willingham wurde fuer Brandstiftung/Mord hingerichtet. Da keine Brandstiftung stattgefunden hat ist somit hier kein Attentat begangen worden und Texas hat einen unschuldigen Man hingerichtet.

Gouverneur Perry, Sie haben die Verantwortung alle erdenklichen Massnahmen zu ergreifen und zu verhindern das Texas keine unschuldigen mehr hinrichtet. Als Gouverneur dieses Staates haben sie die Aufgabe sich aktiv am Beheben eines gebrochenen Systems zu beteiligen.

Das System in Texas welches Menschen hinrichtet muss suspendiert werden. Gouverneur Perry, Sie sollten eine erwogene und unabhaengige Commission ernennen, dessen Aufgabe es sein wird das Texas Hinrichtungs System zu untersuchen um zu ergruenden was in dem Willingham Fall schief gelaufen ist und wie die Hinrichtung von weiteren unschuldigen Menschen verhindert werden kann.

Texas Should Admit Todd Willingham was Innocent

A petition to Governor Rick Perry and the State of Texas to acknowledge that the fire in the Cameron Todd Willingham case was not arson, therefore no crime was committed and on February 17, 2004, Texas executed an innocent man.

To: Texas Governor Rick Perry

Cameron Todd Willingham was executed for murder in 2004 after being convicted of starting a fire that killed his three children. However, a number of reports by respected fire experts, including one delivered to to the Texas Forensic Science Commission by Dr. Craig Beyler, concluded that the fire that killed the Willingham children was not caused by arson. We, the undersigned, urge you to accept the findings of the experts about the lack of arson and publicly acknowledge the innocence of Cameron Willingham. We should not compound the injustice of executing an innocent man by continuing to tarnish his name.

The State of Texas should halt all executions in light of the news that the investigator hired by the Texas Forensic Science Commission has concluded that the fire in the Cameron Todd Willingham case was accidental and not arson. Willingham was executed for arson/murder, when in fact there was no arson, so there was no crime. Texas executed an innocent person.

Governor Perry, you have the responsibility to take action to ensure that Texas does not execute another innocent person. As Governor of this state, you have the duty to actively pursue and repair the flaws of a broken system.

The Texas system of carrying out executions must be suspended. Governor Perry, you should appoint a balanced and independent commission to examine all aspects of the Texas death penalty system to determine what went wrong in the Willingham case and how to prevent the execution of innocent people.


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dudleysharp said...

from Dudley Sharp

"Stacy Kuykendall's statement about the 1991 fire", Fort Worth Star-Telegram, 10.25/09

"Stacy Kuykendall, the ex-wife of Cameron Todd Willingham, offers her first detailed account of the 1991 fire that claimed the lives of her three daughters and led to Willingham’s execution in 2004.

“Todd set our house on fire then stood outside and watched it burn,” Kuykendall asserts, saying she agrees with Gov. Rick Perry’s portrayal of her husband as “a monster.” "

"(Reporters) Mills, Possley (of the Chicago Tribune) and Grann (of the New Yorker) have all come to my home uninvited to ask me questions about my ex-husband. I told them all that I no longer believe that Todd was innocent, that he did murder my daughters and I did not want to talk about that which had to deal with him."

"Before Todd was executed he confessed to his family that he never went into the twins room at all to try and save them, that he had lied about it. Actually, he stood outside of our home as the house engulfed in flames knowing his three daughters were inside."

"Todd set our house on fire then stood outside and watched it burn. He knew our three daughters were inside this home taking there last breath. He watched them die."

statement from Stacy Kuykendall, then wife to Cameron Todd Willingham and mother to Amber Louise, Karmon Diane and Kameron Marie.