Monday, 5 October 2009

Botched Executions

I just finished reading a great New York Times editorial from yesterday on screwy executions on account of incompetent technicians. Much like I felt after reading about Romell Broom’s lethal injection problems a few weeks ago, I was appalled and depressed by the mistakes made in prior executions. We’re talking electrocutions that burst into flames and burned the flesh of the death row inmate (who survived the fire), and lethal injections that needed multiple shots because the first one didn’t suffice.

Mistakes like these cannot happen. It’s cruel for anyone to have to experience anything like that. They’ve turned what is supposed to be quick and painless into long, drawn-out torture. If you insist on killing people, then at least educate your executioners properly. And until you reform your system then you should halt all the executions (which Ohio isn’t doing after Broom).

Probably the most nauseating thing for me is the realization of humanity’s immorality. Someone sat by while all this happened and didn’t say anything, told themselves it was ok. I will never understand how people can justify unnecessary tragedies like these and not only let them slide, but not even attempt to do anything to make it better – like taking preventative measures for the future. I guess they think “if they are going to die anyway, who cares if it’s in a horrible way.”

In their mind they are making the world safe by ridding it of the “evil” members of society, but are completely ignorant to the evil they create.


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