Saturday, 22 November 2008

Florida Supreme Court ignores the dangers in the lethal injection procedure in Florida

Given that the former Secretary of the Department of
Corrections, Harry K. Singletary, who was a member of the
Governor’s Commission has publicly stated, “We know for sure that
this is going to happen again,” it would make more sense to open
the process to the light. Let the sunshine laws operate so that
problems can be identified and corrected before they occur.

This Court should not ignore this problem. Allowing DOC and
FDLE to refuse to disclose records that are obviously relevant to
any Eighth Amendment challenge to Florida’s lethal injection
procedures only guarantees that when the next botched execution
occurs, as predicted by Secretary Singletary, another long delay
in carrying out executions will occur while records are disclosed
and reviewed, and the problem identified and corrected.28 The
long term should not be ignored for short term expediency.

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