Wednesday, 10 October 2007

Some LI Developments & Execution Dates

Some LI Developments & Execution Dates

In Nevada, KLAS-TV, has, "Inmate Does Not Want Execution Halted."

Nevada prison officials say death row inmate William Castillo remains firm in his decision to not reinstate court appeals that would halt his execution next Monday.

State prisons chief Howard Skolnik also says Castillo, 34, facing execution for beating a retired Las Vegas teacher to death with a tire iron, doesn't want any media interviews -- and wouldn't have any even if he did want to talk to reporters.

Skolnik said he set the no-interviews policy because of a "media circus" in 2005, when condemned inmate Robert McConnell told reporters he was ready to die. A day later, with half an hour to live, McConnell halted his execution by filing an appeal.

Planning for the execution by lethal injection is proceeding despite the U.S. Supreme Court's recent decision to consider whether such injections violate the Constitution's ban on cruel and unusual punishment.

A petition would have to be filed to request a stay the execution and since Castillo does not appear to want any appeals, some legal observers expect that the execution might occur. I'll be watching other cases to see what the Supreme Court might do with stay requests in light of Baze. One of those cases is in Georgia.

The Savannah Morning News reports, "Execution stay rejected for Alderman," about one of the recent execution dates set in Georgia.

Chatham County Superior Court Judge Michael L. Karpf today rejected a stay of execution for convicted murderer Jack Edward Alderman.

Alderman's lawyers last week asked Karpf to halt the execution, arguing the use of lethal injection was cruel and unusual punishment.

In a two-page order, Karpf said the lawyers' challenges to use of lethal injection provided no basis for him to find it ''constitutionally infirm'' in Georgia, Karpf ruled.

Alderman, now 56, faces an Oct. 19 execution date for the Sept. 21, 1974 slaying of his wife, Barbara Jean Alderman, in their Chatham City apartment.

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