Thursday, 28 June 2007

The letter from Thomas Provenzano October 1, 1999

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Anonymous said...

Thomas Provenzano "Tommy" was my first cousin. Until today, I have never seen this letter, nor have I ever known the details of his trial. I do know that Tommy WAS sick long before the sad situation he created. He would not eat food at any of our houses because he thought someone was trying to poison him. He carried a Bible around in his back pocket wherever he went. I wished that I had saved the letters that he sent my aunt. There was never any doubt in any of our family's minds that he was a sick individual, but never did we see any evil in him. He was the most meek and mild mannered of all my cousins. He also had a very troubled childhood. His mother abandoned the family when he was very young. He was mostly raised by my grandmother, who was up in age at the time. He was always polite and respectful around family memebers. I don't know what happened to him later in life, but something did happen, I can tell you that for sure.