Wednesday, 20 June 2007

European Day against the Death Penalty

European Day against the Death Penalty

Eva Balla, 20/6/2007,09:55
Main Source: Midday Express

European Day against the Death Penalty

During 2006, at least 1,591 people were executed in 25 countries and at least 3,861 people were sentenced to death in 55 countries. The EU’s action, as the worldwide leader on the fight against death penalty, remains urgent and necessary.

Therefore, the Commission proposed a draft Joint Declaration to the European Parliament and the Council of Ministers, regarding the establishment of a European Day against the Death Penalty, on 10 October of each year.

The EU organizes activities around the world to fight death penalty seek to encourage public debate, to strengthen public opposition and to put pressure on retentionist countries to abolish the death penalty.

Therefore, on the occasion of an International Conference to be held in Lisbon on 9 October 2007, the Joint Declaration would be signed by the European Parliament, the EU Presidency, the European Commission and the Council of Europe, in order to support the promotion of universal abolition.

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