Friday, 2 May 2008

In Memory of WILLIAM CODAY - Florida death row suicide April 2008


A friend who died before his time.


Freedom taken

Life forsaken

Steel bars

Painful scars

Mental strains

Concrete walls

No one hears your calls

Nothing’s fair

Hard to bear

Mind games


Count bells

Stair wells

Masked strangers

Constant dangers

Jingling keys

Trembling knees

Lonely hours

Faith sours

Years wasted

Hope tasted

Questions Why

Then I died….

Florida death row April 28, 2008


Anonymous said...

he was a murderer. only shame is that i could not get pics of his lifeless disgusting body.

Diana gomez said...

I feel sad because he din't die in the same way he murdered his victims

Anonymous said...

murdered...not sorry for his death...his victims didn't choose to die, he decided for them

Patricia Villegas said...

This man killed my friend Gloria Gomez,,, He choose for Glorias life's ,, and he choose for his too!

Anonymous said...

pictures would have been nice to see i hope he suffered all of those years

Anonymous said...

I've been the one in Germany who was asked to help to find him after his flight. I did my best and he was caught in France. At the first moment a had no idea that he could be sentenced to death, when I took care of this case. What happened here to me was a trial to myself, cause I helped to find a murder.
What he did was his own fault. He killed two girls and after that himself. I guess he knew what he did.

Anonymous said...

I grew up with him. My mom listened to his teenage troubles and we took him to church with us. He was troubled from a young age, but it was so terribly horrifying to learn what he had done the first time. When he got back he actually knocked at our door on Christmas and wanted to come in and visit, acting like nothing had happened. I am not surprised that he ended his life. I'm more surprised that he didn't do it far earlier. God bless the families of those he selfishly stole away.