Saturday, 2 February 2008

Physicians and executions

From the blog Capital Defense Weekly :

Physicians and executions

The New England Journal of Medicine has posted a roundtable on doctors and lethal injection. From the intro:

On January 14, 2008, the Journal hosted a videotaped roundtable discussion of the issues raised by Baze v. Rees, currently before the Supreme Court, that asks whether the three-drug protocol used to carry out the death penalty by lethal injection causes unnecessary pain and suffering in violation of the Constitutional ban on cruel and unusual punishment. Moderator Atul Gawande was joined by law professor Deborah Denno, anesthesiologist–ethicist Robert Truog, and anesthesiologist David Waisel. What follows are highlights of their discussion about lethal injection, the current protocol, possible alternatives, and the role of physicians and other health care professionals in putting convicted criminals to death. The video, along with a related reader poll and an interactive timeline, can be found at

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