Sunday, 16 December 2007

Statement of U.S. Senator Russ FeingoldOn the State of New Jersey Repealing the Death Penalty

WASHINGTON - December 13 -- “I commend the New Jersey legislature on its votes this week to repeal the death penalty in that state, and I commend Governor Corzine for indicating he will sign the repeal. The implementation of the death penalty in this country is deeply flawed, as well as inconsistent with basic American principles of justice, liberty, and equality. While it will take patience and persistence, it is evident from the Supreme Court’s de facto moratorium on executions by lethal injection, the American Bar Association’s call for a nationwide moratorium on capital punishment, and votes like the ones this week in New Jersey that support is building across the country to end this practice.”

Senator Feingold, a longtime opponent of capital punishment, is the author of S.447 - the Federal Death Penalty Abolition Act.

CONTACT: Senator Russ Feingold Zach Lowe (202) 224-8657

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