Saturday, 15 December 2007

her crim def law blogger gets gone after

From the blog " Capital Defense Weekly" :

Another crim def law blogger gets gone after

WTF? I guess the First Amendment ends somewhere in the panhandle of Florida, just like the ability to punch chads.

Conway, a former Broward assistant public defender now in private practice, said Wednesday he feels justified in his comments.

“She was giving people one week to prepare for trial and as soon as the blog exposed it through powerful words she stopped it,” he said. “And that’s why I stand by what I did. Sometimes the language the bar approves of doesn’t get the job done.”…”She is clearly unfit for her position and knows not what it means to be a neutral arbiter,” Conway wrote in his commentary.

That posting on Jaablog, a courthouse weblog created a year ago to examine Broward County judges’ performances and legal issues, is protected speech, says Conway’s attorney, Fred Haddad.

“There’s absolutely no reason that politicians, and that’s all judges are here in Broward County, aren’t open to criticism,” Haddad said. “We’ve got a [Florida Bar] grievance committee that can’t even conceptualize the First Amendment. You’re dealing with a group of people that are entrenched in protecting each other.”

FL BAR FINDS PC THAT SEAN CONWAY’S COMMENTS ABOUT ALEMAN MAY HAVE VIOLATED RULES. Outrage on this one is apparently spreading: Stuck on the Palmetto, The Florida Masochist, How Appealing, the Justice Building, Real Lawyers Have Blogs, & The Daily Pulp. I should note that if I have offended any judges on this blog….

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